Interflon | Interflon Food Grease HD2 keeps bearings clean and…

Even after two months of hard use, Food Grease HD2 blows away the competition.

Interflon Food Grease HD2 keeps bearings clean and rust-free

Meat processing facilities are very hard on lubricants. Stringent hygiene requirements mean that the equipment is cleaned every day with hot water and harsh chemical santitizers. Most lubricants can't stand up to the punishment, but Interflon products can.

IMG 7483

In the image above, the component on the left was installed on a brisket saw four weeks previously and lubricated with a traditional product from one of our competitors. The component on the right was also installed on a brisket saw, but it was lubricated with Interflon Food Grease HD2, and it's been in place twice as long as the other one. That means after eight weeks of continuous use and punishing conditions, Interflon still kept it beautifully clean and functioning smoothly!

Check out the video below to see a more complete demo of how well Food Grease HD2 worked on this application.