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This grease won't mix with water... at all!

Interflon Food Grease LT2

In this video, Interflon USA CEO Otto Osterwijk demonstrates one of the amazing properties of Interflon Food Grease LT2 with MicPol®: it absolutely will not mix with water, no matter what. Here, Otto spreads some LT2 around the bottom of a plastic dish until it coats it completely. Then, he adds water and shows an interested poultry processing plant employee how there is no mixing or emulsifying taking place. There’s not even so much as an oil film on top of the water. To drive the lesson home, Otto then drinks the water, much to the amazement of everyone in the shop.

This particular environment was a poultry processing plant. A common problem in this shop is water getting into bearings, where it simply sits and causes the bearings to rust. Food Grease LT2 was specifically designed to deal with this problem. It can save businesses thousands per month on energy, maintenance, replacement, and labor.

Interflon Food Grease LT2 with MicPol® is a food-safe lubricant (NSF H1, kosher, halal) that can be used in any food processing environment. The LT stands for “low temperature”. LT2 can be used in indoor or outdoor processes in temperature ranges from -45C to +150C (-49F to +302F). It remains fluid in extreme cold and stays viscous in extreme heat.

To learn more about MicPol®, check out this blog post called “What Is MicPol®?

Interflon Food Grease LT2 with MicPol® is ideal for use in harsh environments where equipment is subjected to a lot of high-pressure water spray, harsh cleaning chemicals, the constant presence of water, and heavy wear.

Our grease tubes are color-coded on the bottom so that you can easily tell what you’ve got loaded in your gun. Our specialized lube shuttle is extremely popular in all types of industries, because it’s made to go with our tubes. It makes life much easier for your plant lubrication personnel. Give us a call to get a few for your shop!

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