Interflon | Freeing a frozen bearing

Interflon Food Lube breaks up rust.

Freeing a frozen bearing

The Interflon USA team recently visited our clients at a poultry processing plant to conduct a demonstration and prepare some tests. Whenever possible, we like to follow up with our clients onsite to help them find new opportunities to save money and labor.

Poultry plant production lines are a pretty intense environment. They put their bearings, chains, gear boxes, and everything else on the production line through a lot of punishment. The environment is very wet all the time, which causes big problems with rust and corrosion. Daily cleaning after the kill involves high-pressure hot water spray with sanitation chemicals, a process that is designed to kill germs and remove contamination but also removes most lubricants. Oh, and did we mention feathers? Feathers are everywhere. They have an amazing ability to end up jammed into the most unlikely places. If a feather can get in somewhere, it will.

Our client showed us a box of frozen bearings that had been removed from the production line because they had seized due to rust and feather jamming. When a bearing freezes during production, it can cause a lot of headaches. These bearings can cost anywhere from $10 to $300, depending on the quality and function.

We decided to test Interflon Food Lube to see if it would work on the worst case.

This double roller bearing was completely frozen and could not be budged by hand.

This was a bearing so frozen that it couldn’t be moved at all by hand. After we sprayed it with Food Lube and let it sit for a few minutes, this was the result:

Like magic, the bearing moves again.

Interflon Food Lube goes on as a wet spray and quickly dries to a solid film that is impervious to water and provides an extremely low coefficient of friction (0.04). If you treat bearings, chains, or any other moving part with Food Lube upon installation, and build up a good coat of the dry film right away, it will last many times longer than it would have otherwise. This results in significant savings for the business owner.

Interflon Food Lube is a food-safe (H1, kosher, halal) lubricant spray with MicPol® technology. Its lubricant particles will creep into the tiniest spaces, even sealed bearings, and adhere thanks to their negative polarity. This means Interflon products have amazing penetrating ability and will outlast our competitor’s products by many times. Our clients routinely find that they will immediately begin to save money on energy costs, equipment replacements, and labor.

You can read more about Food Lube here. Food Lube is classified NSF H1 and is certified kosher and halal.