Golf courses

Interflon withstands the harsh conditions

Course managers and greenkeepers are responsible for the maintenance, care and overall appearance of a golf course. It is their job to maintain a good playing surface and ensure the course offers a consistent challenge and an enjoyable experience to golfers.

Equipment, like mowers, are exposed to harsh conditions as dust, sand, grass, moisture and water, setting high demands to the lubricants used. Our MicPol® technology helped already more than 120 golf courses worldwide to keep equipment availability at its maximum, at the same time respecting the environment.

Some applications at Golf courses

Cylinder mower blade bearings

The bearings seize up because of moisture and sand. The grease saponifies and is washed out of the bearings due to high-pressure cleaning of the machine, causing misalignments and unevenness in the mowing. The manufacturer’s recommendation is to lubricate once a week or every 50 hours.

Interflon Grease MP2/3 is a multi-purpose grease with MicPol® technology, for components that work at high speeds and is the solution to the constant seizing of the roller bearings. With a conventional grease, these bearings are changed twice a year, with Interflon Grease MP2/3 our customers get to spend the mowing season without changing them. The grease does not drip onto the course and the lubrication frequency can be halved to every 100 hours. Tip: make greasing more effective without spilling with the Interflon G-coupler.

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Clean chains of green punching equipment

Sand and grass (juices) stick to 'wet' conventional lubricants, creating an abrasive paste on the chain. This obstructs penetration into the pins and bushings and provokes premature wear. Frequent cleaning and relubrication is common practice.

Interflon Lube TF is a penetrating oil with MicPol®, leaving a dry lubrication film in the pins and bushes and protecting them from corroding. It easily repels sand and grass, so easy to clean them. Thanks to the MicPol® particles lubrication intervals can be extended considerably, at the same time increasing chain life. First clean the chains with our effective, biodegradable Interflon Metal Clean.

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