Reducing down-time means avoiding disaster

Down-time in any industry costs money, but nevertheless to the people who chase the bottom-line profit it can mean disaster. Most quarries run their equipment to destruction and fire fight failures as and when they happen.

With Interflon’s MicPol® technology there is now a solution for the lubrication of equipment that has to withstand hostile contamination such as salt, sand, grit, gravel, dust etc., increasing the service life of your equipment, at the same time reducing down-time..

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Some applications in Mining

Extend the life of the Scraper Reclaimer Chain

Due to the harsh environment conventional oils and greases become contaminated by the ingress of abrasive elements. They become a highly efficient grinding paste and the results are inevitable. There is a constant loud squealing noise coming from these chains and the wear in the bushes is literally audible. Chains are typically only lasting 3 years and at a cost of £30,000 this proves be a very costly exercise.

Interflon products are based on MicPol® technology and provide a dry lubricant that is designed specifically for these conditions. First, we apply Interflon Lube EP to penetrate in the chain links and bushes and leave a dry film to avoid contamination to stick and ingress to the chain, significantly increasing lubrication intervals and service life. Secondly, we apply Interflon Grease OG to the sacrificial wear plates since these have to be constantly replaced and contribute to continual maintenance costs. Apart from the complete elimination of squealing coming from the chain, our customers experience a dramatic reduction in amperage.

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Scraper chain

Get the maximum Mt. out of your crusher

Due to mineral debris and water ingress, bearings of crushers show premature wear or even seize at a certain Mt. and (of course) are the cause crushers cannot operate at their maximum capacity in Mt. Conventional (EP) greases cannot withstand the harsh conditions, high material loads, shock impacts and vibrations.

With Interflon Grease MP2/3 these issues are solved since the MicPol® technology provides an ultra-thin, polymer layer, which acts as a shock absorber, thus reducing vibration whilst increasing efficiency, reliability and longevity, at the same time offering a low friction coefficient that avoids premature wear. Interflon Grease MP2/3 allows your crushers to operate at full capacity.

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50% reduction in tool vibration

Stripping down roof supports can be very difficult in a hostile mining environment; heavy equipment and cutting tools may have to be deployed to help the salvage team strip down the supports. Tool vibration is very harmful for operators, causing tendonitis in some cases.

HAVS tests of air tools show a significant difference by using Interflon Lube PN32, both in the increased torque of the tools and a 50% reduction in tool vibration and increased tool usage time.

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