Lubricant for drives

Improve the drive of your machines and reduce wear dramatically by using the right drive lubricating oil. The Inteflon lubricating oils for drives reduce friction and wear and reduce the temperature and energy consumption of gearboxes. You will thus save considerably on maintenance and energy costs.

Powerful MicPol® action in our lubricating oil

Drives come in all shapes and sizes. Interflon lubricating oil is enriched with MicPol® for optimum lubrication. Interflon lubricating oil with MicPol® provides a long-term protection against corrosion, drives out moisture and repels dirt. You need less lubricant, and your machines will last longer.

Lubricating oil for drives

Lubricating oil for drives directly improves the performance of gearboxes, gear drives, final drives and transmissions. The oil temperature is lowered, and the degradation of transmission oil is reduced. The lubricating oil eliminates unnecessary friction which reduces wear.

With Interflon drive lubricating oil, enriched with MicPol® , you are guaranteed the lowest possible friction under extreme pressure. You will prolong the service life of your machines which are subjected to extreme conditions or are difficult to lubricate.

Advantages of lubricating oil for drives

Using the right lubricant will give your driven machines long-term protection against corrosion and wear. This prevents your gearboxes jamming or breaking down. Interflon lubricating oil gives you the following benefits:

  • Reduction of friction, wear and noise
  • Up to 90% lower oil consumption
  • Longer service life for the lubricant and your machines
  • Reduction of oil leakage
  • Increased reliability and output of your machines
  • Improved performance of gearboxes
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs

Lubricating oils for drives for your industry.

Interflon Lubricating oil for drives is a very cost-effective choice suitable for the lubrication of gearboxes and many other components which are used in the (heavy) industry and for the production, processing, packaging and transport of food.

You choose for lubricating the drives from Interflon Food G100, Interflon Food G150, Interflon Food G220, Interflon Food G320, Interflon Food G460 and Interflon Food G680.

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