PI 2021 Interflon Degreaser EM30 10 ltr can



High yield multi-purpose degreaser with F-Active technology

Degreaser EM30+

Very powerful, fast-acting cold degreaser with a mild natural odour that is ideal for use in the food processing industry. Evaporates slowly so that even persistent dirt is removed and leaves behind no residue.

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ effectively breaks down the composition of heavy greases, oils, grime, dirt, graphite and carbon residue. Removes tar, partly dried paint, glues, resins, polymers, gasket sealant, adhesives, waxes, bitumen, dyes, inks, water based paints, labels and graffiti too.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages:

  • Suitable for use in HACCP environments (NSF-K1, K3)
  • Suitable as an immersion cleaner
  • Available in “Bulk” and aerosol formats
  • Highly versatile
  • Powerful cleaning properties
  • Quick and effective cleaner
  • Evaporates leaving behind no residue
  • Easy to use aerosol application

Interflon Degreaser EM30+ is listed NSF-K1, K3 for use in the food industry as a degreaser, adhesive and glue remover. Can be used safely plant wide to meet the requirements for modern clean room cleaning and degreasing.


  • Engines
  • Chains
  • Gear Wheels
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Bearings
  • Slide-ways
  • Hard Stone