PI 2021 Interflon Food Lube Aerosol


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Multipurpose, dry film food grade lubricating oil

Food Lube (aerosol)

Highly versatile, dry film food grade lubricant fortified with MicPol®. For a multitude of general machine parts, cable and chain lubrication applications in food-stuff environments. Formulated to reduce your maintenance and downtime costs and the number of lubricants currently in use.

Goes on wet, displaces moisture, breaks down deposits and penetrates even into the most inaccessible areas. Treats seized parts and prevent the formation rust and other corrosives. Forms a highly durable, non-staining dry lubrication film that virtually eliminates wear on moving parts. Holds up to high pressures, resists water wash-off and will not attract dirt, dust and other abrasives.

Listed by the NSF® (Class H-1) which gives this oil full acceptability for use in all areas where incidental contact with food, beverages or drugs may occur.

  • Excellent, long lasting protection against corrosion and wear at high pressure
  • Strong resistance to water washout and spray-off
  • Resists dirt, dust and other contamination
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Excellent dry run characteristics

Product Application Areas
For the lubrication of chains, cables, sliding tracks, air power tools, joints, pivots, cams, belts, table saws, lifts, pulleys, threaded parts, bolts, rollers, taps, valves, conveyors and many other moving parts operating in the food-stuff environment. Excellent choice for maintaining and servicing electric installations in foodstuff environments, including protecting electrical contacts and against corrosion.