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Oil for chains and machine components exposed to high temperatures and extreme loads

Food Lube HT

Interflon Food Lube HT is a long life synthetic lubricating oil with MicPol® Technology. At high temperatures and under very heavy load, moving machine components continue to work smoothly, even after the visible lubricating layer on the outside has disappeared.

Interflon Food Lube HT is listed by the NSF in accordance with DIN V 10517 for use in applications with incidental food contact (NSF-H1) with registration number 150687.

Key advantages and outstanding benefits

  • Long-term lubrication at high temperatures
  • Good performance for demanding conditions
  • Excellent penetration, at high temperatures
  • Resistant to mild acids / alkaline and water wash off
  • Economical in use
  • Very low smoke emission
  • Exceptional friction reduction properties

Product Application Areas
For the lubrication and protection of moving machinery components which are exposed to high temperatures, such as bearings, rollers, chains, wheels, slides and guides.