Lubrication tools

Grease guns for Lube-Shuttle and classic cartridges

Grease Gun


Lube-Shuttle® TG one-hand grease gun for Lube-Shuttle® system cartridges with galvanized steel grease tank, ergonomically shaped lever, with hose PH-30C Connection thread R1/8".


Hand lever grease gun for Lube-Shuttle® system cartridges, high quality design with galvanized grease container, ergonomic shaped handle, packaged in eco-friendly display carton.

  • Opening of the cartridge without tools
  • Easy, fast and absolutely clean loading and unloading of the grease cartridge
  • No opening of the grease gun
  • Permanent control of filling level and grease from the outside
  • Optimal residual emptying of the cartridge
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly
  • Economical refilling possible
  • No de-airing necessary!

First-class design grease gun with stepless short-stroke system. With piston rod fixation by permanent spring load. Including a filling / venting valve and ergonomic handle.

  • Working pressure above 400 bar
  • Maximum pressure up to approx. 1000 bar
  • TÜV, DLG, BLT certified
  • Suitable for 400g grease cartridges

All grease guns are equipped with a 300mm safety rubber tube hose RH-30C (Steel braided liners, burst pressure 1,650 bar, Ø-13mm) with 4-jaw hydraulic gripping nozzle, connection thread R1/8". Optional Interflon G-Coupler is recommended.

Article numbers:
One-hand grease gun for Lube-Shuttle: 7281
Hand lever grease gun for Lube-Shuttle: 7283
Classic Grease gun: 7280
Interflon G-Coupler 1/8”: 7195
Interflon G-Coupler M10X1: 7194