PI 2021 Interflon Grease HTG Aerosol


Greases Greases Greases

High Temperature Grease with extreme pressure resistance

Grease HTG (aerosol)

Supreme performance high temperature grease fortified with MicPol®. Suitable for high temperature environments and exposure to water, dust or contamination. It's state of the art formulation gives protection against wear at very high temperatures whilst standing up against high impact loads. Readily lowers replacement, repair and maintenance costs of general machine parts used in (food-stuff) environments. NSF H-2 Food Grade listed.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Excellent protection against wear under extreme temperature conditions
  • Exceptionally high temperature performance
  • Extends service life and lubricating intervals
  • Resists to water and most kind of chemicals
  • Listed by the NSF®
  • Transparent, enabling easy visual inspection

Product Application Areas
For the lubrication of Bearings, Chains, Slides and many other machine parts used Fryers, Ovens and in Industrial and Food-stuff Environments where High Temperatures, Steam or Contaminants rule out the use of conventional greases.