Interflon Grease MP1 packaging1


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High performance, multi-purpose grease with MicPol® technology

Grease MP1

Multi-purpose lithium complex grease. For optimal lubrication and sealing. Can increase lubrication intervals and has excellent emergency run characteristics. Reduces vibrations and wear of heavily loaded machine parts.

A grease that can be used across a wide range of applications. Highly resistant to water, chemicals and other common forms of soiling. Very stable in automated lubrication systems.

Distinctive Properties & Key Advantages:

  • Wide temperature range: (-30°C to +145 °C)
  • Usable within a wide range of RPM
  • Excellent emergency run properties
  • Can help increase the lifespan of parts and machinery
  • Suitable for almost all lubrication points
  • Significant reduction in friction and wear
  • Protects against water and corrosion
  • Resistant to high pressures

Can help increase the life span of machinery but also reduce the amount of different lubricants required which in turn can help save costs. Can be used in food processing places where there is no risk that the lubricant or lubricated element comes into contact with food (NSF-H2).


  • Ball, roller and slide bearings
  • Slides and Guide-ways
  • Leaf Springs
  • Pin and Bush Couplings
  • Axle Taps
  • Ball Joints
  • Auto Lubrication Systems