Interflon grease mp1 adhesive grease for long-life lubrication of heavy loads with micpol®


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Very adhesive grease for long-life lubrication of heavy loads

Grease MP1

Grease suitable for use in lubrication dispensers and central lubrication systems. Reduces vibrations and wear of heavily loaded machine parts through MicPol® Technology. Highly water resistant, protects against corrosion and the penetration of water and dirt.

Interflon Grease MP1 is listed by the NSF in accordance with DIN V 10517 for use on equipment and machine parts in the food industry in locations where there is no possibility of the lubricant or lubricated part contacting edible products (NSF-H2) with registration number 145889.


  • Suitable for most lubrication points
  • Significant reduction in friction and wear
  • Reduces grease consumption
  • Highly resistant to water, corrosion and pressure loads
  • Excellent emergency running properties

For ball, roller and slide bearings under heavy and varying loads in construction, agricultural and production machinery. For applications with slow to fast moving parts. For axle taps, ball joints, leaf springs, wheel bearings and bearings in water pumps, winches, crushers, mixers, etc.