Interflon Lube TF 5 lt 8102


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Highly versatile, dry-film lubricant with MicPol® technology

Lube TF

Multi-purpose lubricant for long lasting lubrication of nearly all machine parts. Protecting parts against wear, moisture, dirt and corrosion. Fortified with Interflon MicPol® technology, this oil has a superior penetrating effect, cleans, removes rust and loosens seized parts.

Interflon Lube TF is a versatile and long lasting lubricating oil. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where parts can be exposed to factors such as high pressure loads, fresh or salt water, dirt, extreme temperature, sun, wind and other weather conditions.

Key Advantages & Distinctive Properties

  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Dry, clean lubrication
  • Great capillary action
  • Cleans and removes rust
  • Does not damage rubber or plastic
  • Once dry, dust and dirt will not adhere
  • Cost-savings due to reduced consumption

1 product that replaces up to 10 conventional products:

  • Penetrating Oil
  • Chain Spray
  • Contact Spray
  • Gear Spray
  • Silicone Spray
  • Cutting Oil
  • Rust Solvent
  • Dry Lubricant
  • Graphite Spray
  • Corrosion Protector


  • Chains
  • Hinges
  • Cylinders
  • Cables
  • Tools
  • Bolts
  • Switch Points