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Organizational goals as reduced maintenance costs, increased machine uptime, improved safety, energy savings and lower Total Cost of Ownership are heard very often. Easier said then done. We help you to achieve these goals.

Our starting point

A highly respected organization helping industry improve machine reliability through best practice lubrication and oil analysis, once said that they were inspired by the statements hereunder. And Interflon could not agree more:

  • Maintenance is the no.1 controllable expenditure in a plant
  • Every plant has a hidden plant that must be found
  • Lubrication is the no. 1 cause of machine wear and failure
  • There is no greater influence on the state of lubrication than human behaviour

It takes more to convert a lubricant into a solution. At Interflon we understand that.

Integrated solutions

With expertise in a wide range of industries in more than 50 countries and 40 years of experience as a lubrication partner, Interflon is offering you integrated solutions. Our technical advisors, application engineers and lubrication consultants make use of more than 2.400 best lubrication practices to help you to move forward, supplemented with training programs, consultancy, software and hardware equipment. Combined with our MicPol® technology, our solutions allow your company to reach your goals and the highest possible standards in safety, efficiency and emissions.

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Our approach

We understand purchasing the right products for the right applications is not enough to achieve the desired results. We sometimes say: a good product applied incorrectly will be assessed as a bad product. A waste of efforts. We really offer you solutions.

From the start our technical advisors, as part of our service, follow the next steps:

1) Technical analysis
We first technically analyze, together with you, the applications to select the right products and give advise in which way, in what quantity and frequency they should be applied. It is important that we map your current situation as well as possible in order to be able to evaluate it later.

2) Training of maintenance people
After you have acquired the selected products, we first train your maintenance people or the machine operators who perform the applications to get the maximum out of our MicPol® technology and how they should use the products. They also receive an explanation and instructions on how to clean properly first.

3) The start up
For critical applications at least, but if you want also for other applications, we will be on-site to help you with the first applications to ensure that it is going well. We team up with your people, even if this has to be done in the weekend. We stand next to you.

4) Monitoring and evaluation
After the first application we will visit you frequently to monitor and evaluate the applications and document the results to be able to report back to you. We believe it is important that you firstly, as a customer, gain trust in us, our technology and products. Only then you will allow us to focus on more critical machines where the impact of smarter lubrication is greater. We are very pleased to start improvement projects with you to demonstrate what our lubricants with MicPol® technology can do for your production process or services.

In our opinion it doesn't stop here. We can do more to make your machines run better and more efficiently and to help you meet the quality standards like TPM, 5S, HACCP or other implemented in your organization.

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