Interflon | Conveyor Chain on Combine Harvester

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Conveyor Chain on Combine Harvester

Initial Situation

The chains on combine harvesters for a commercial food-growing operation were experiencing very high wear and needed frequent relubrication. If the lubrication schedule was missed, the result was expensive chain replacement. Not only did the chain have to deal with heavy loads and high friction, dirt was getting into the pins and bushings, and dust from the crops was too. Water and fertilizer caused heavy corrosion of the chain as well. Replacement chains for these machines were expensive.

Our Solution

Interflon Food Lube G with MicPol® is not only an excellent lubricant for protection of chains in all conditions, it is also food-safe (NSF H1), Kosher, and Halal. It was the ideal solution for this situation. It can be sprayed on directly from an aerosol can in the field, so there is no need for lengthy shop time.


Lubrication interval went from once every 1-5 days to once every 30 days, resulting in savings on lubricant, man-hours, and chain replacement. The chain can now be blown clean easily if it becomes contaminated.