Interflon | Conveyor Chains in Dough Proofer

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Commercial bakeries are tough on chains. Interflon keeps them protected.

Conveyor Chains in Dough Proofer

Initial Situation

This dough proofer uses a single roller chain to move its conveyor belt. Flour is constantly working its way into the pins, which causes higher friction and increased power consumption. Friction also leads to premature chain elongation, which in turn requires early replacement of the chain.

To learn more about what chain elongation is, read our post called "3 Causes of Chain Stretch and How to Prevent It".

Our Solution

Interflon Food Lube AL is a food-safe (NSF H1, kosher, halal) lubricant that offers clean and transparent lubrication. It is available in an easy-to-use spray bottle. Thanks to MicPol®, particles of moisture and flour will not adhere to the dry film Food Lube creates on the surface of the chain.


  • 50% reduction in lubricant consumption
  • Minimum 10% reduction of chain-driving power consumption
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and downtime
  • Cleaner, safer environment