Interflon | Cryovac Shrink Tunnel and Chains

Case studies

Small businesses benefit greatly from Interflon's savings potential.

Cryovac Shrink Tunnel and Chains

Initial Situation

This machine used a single roller chain with a pitch of 12.7mm (.05 inches) and hollow pins. It was 4 meters (over 13 feet) long.

The guide chains needed to be lubricated weekly, with a full spray can of lubricant being used every week.

The product as a result was unsuitable. There was a lot of evaporation of lubricant after every application. The rollers of the guide continued to vibrate and stick anyway. The client was spending about $70 per month on lubricant, plus labor and replacement parts.

The environment was challenging: water, dust (from flour, sugar, and powder), high and low temperatures, and corrosion due to acidity and cleaning fluids.

Our Solution

Interflon Lube HT was so much more durable and effective than the previous lubricant that it cut lubrication intervals by 80%.


  • Lubrication frequency reduced from 50+ times per year to 10 times per year
  • Savings of over $1,000.00 per year in labor costs
  • Savings of over $600.00 per year in lubricant costs
  • All chains now work smoothly, without sticking and vibration