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Kneading Machine Bearings

Initial Situation

This kneading machine required lubrication every two weeks. The bearings were frequently becoming contaminated with particles, especially flour dust. After lubrication, it was difficult to replace the bowl. A lot of time was lost this way, and employee frustration was high with this machine.

The environment was a typical bakery, with airborne flour dust and high humidity.

Our Solution

We recommended the use of Interflon Grease LT2 with MicPol®. This is available in a tube that fits a standard grease gun, or in a different sized tube that fits one of our Interflon lube shuttles for easier identification. LT2 is cost-effective and is food-safe (NSF H1, kosher, halal).


  • Lubrication intervals cut in half
  • Amount of required lubricant decreased by 65%
  • Much less employee frustration