Interflon | 14 Ways to Use Fin Super

This versatile product is a multi-tool in a can.

14 Ways to Use Fin Super

Interflon’s Fin Super is a dry, high-performance penetrating spray that uses MicPol® technology to lubricate and protect surfaces of diverse types, including metal, rubber, and plastic. With its extremely low coefficient of friction (0.04, the lowest friction of any solid object known), it has thousands of uses in the industrial production environment, and is also very useful in the home.

Fin Super is unlike anything you've seen before. It uses advanced European lubricant technology that does the following:

  • creates a perfectly smooth surface with the lowest possible friction
  • functions both as a lubricant and a protective coating
  • adheres up to 10x as long as any other product
  • repels water and resists particle adhesion
  • once dry, has no sticky residue
  • resists wear and high-pressure water spray, even salt water

Below are just some of the things Fin Super can be used for. If you come up with any that we missed, leave it in the comments below!

You can also download this handy reference chart that shows you some possible uses of Fin Super.


Assembly Lines
Wire rope
Rust penetrator
Electrical and Electronics
Zippers and Snaps
Pneumatic tools
How To Apply


FIN SUPER lubricates and protects chains that are used on all types of industrial production equipment. Chains that drive assembly lines or do heavy lifting are prone to wear and stretching, and typically must be replaced once they have stretched more than 3%. However, both wear and stretching can be greatly reduced with the proper lubrication.

Did You Know?

What is commonly referred to as “chain stretching” is actually more properly known as chain elongation. It takes place when bushes, rollers, or other pin insert holes become stretched and the pin no longer sits in the center of the opening. Although this elongation may only be a tiny amount per link, when added up over hundreds or thousands of links, it can greatly affect overall chain performance. Chain stretch or elongation of more than 3% usually means it’s time for a new chain.

For more information, see our post "3 Causes of Chain Stretch and How to Prevent It".

Corrosion that typically takes place in humid environments can also be greatly reduced with the proper application of FIN SUPER. The happy result of this is great savings in maintenance and replacement costs. Some clients report savings of tens of thousands of dollars on chains alone after instituting a lubrication regimen with Interflon products.

For environments where food safety must be considered, Interflon FOOD LUBE offers equally excellent performance, and additionally is rated H1 by the NSF. For more information on how FOOD LUBE can help your commercial food production business, see our blog post entitled “How to Save Money on Chains”.

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Assembly Lines

Rollers, tracks, hinges, flaps, and gates

Anyone who has ever worked on an assembly line in any capacity knows how important it is to keep things moving. When one piece breaks down, the whole line breaks down, and there is a cascading effect on production throughout the plant. This is exactly the headache that line managers seek to avoid.

Interflon FIN SUPER is ideal for use in this type of situation, because it lasts much longer than other lubricants. The dry film it creates is extremely slippery. It will also repel moisture and prevent the accumulation of dust and other particles, which in typical oils and greases will accumulate and form an abrasive paste.

FIN SUPER is easy to apply on the fly from an aerosol can. For lines where automatic application is preferable, Interflon LUBE TF, a very similar product, can be used. Contact one of our Technical Advisors to find out what kind of setup would work best for your plant.

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Wire Rope

Wire rope is composed of hundreds or thousands of smaller wires, all of which benefit from lubrication.

FIN SUPER’s excellent penetrating abilities make it the ideal lubricant for use on wire rope of all sizes. Immediately upon application, FIN SUPER begins to creep over every surface, lubricating all parts of the rope--even those that are completely hidden from outside. It will then penetrate to the core of the rope. This will reduce friction both from the outside and from the wear that occurs when wires are rubbing against each other. It will also serve to dispel any moisture already inside, and will prevent further moisture from penetrating.

It is also advisable to use FIN SUPER to lubricate any pulleys, hooks, eyes, or other points of friction over which the wire rope might be traversing. In this way, you can be sure you will be getting the maximum life span out of all components.

For more information, read our post entitled "Lubrication of Wire Rope".

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FIN SUPER is ideal for protecting blades and cutting edges. Apply it to all types of utility (non-food) blades before use to reduce friction, maintain fine edges, and help prevent damage or corrosion. Use it on:

  • Utility knives
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutters
  • Hunting knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Machetes & sling blades
  • Drill bits
  • Sewing needles
  • Scythes

...and any other type of blade or cutting edge.

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FIN SUPER has a very broad range of uses for life in the outdoors. No fisherman, hunter, camper, or recreational driver should be without it. FIN SUPER is ideal for use as an all-purpose firearms cleaner, as it will do a much better job of lubrication than viscous lubricants, will last much longer, and will not attract particles that form an abrasive paste. The 300-mL aerosol can fits easily in a backpack, tackle box, or glove compartment. Use it on all parts of a fishing rod and reel to prevent corrosion and prolong equipment life. It can be used on camping equipment in a multitude of ways, including on tent or boot components that may be made out of metal and require lubing or protecting.

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Cars, trucks, cycles, and ATVs

Use FIN SUPER on squeaky dashboards. Just spray into the space where the dashboard meets the windshield to eliminate annoying noises.

You can also use it on rubber door seals, cables, electrical connections, locks, hinges, safety belt tensioners, exhaust pipe sensors, chains, brake cables, and seat rails.

FIN SUPER has only a light odor and will not stain clothing or upholstery fabric.

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Rust Penetrator

Items that are already seized due to rust, such as nuts, spark plugs, etc. are able to be loosened again thanks to FIN SUPER’s excellent penetrating and loosening abilities. Just spray FIN SUPER on the item and allow it to sit for at least five minutes. For very advanced cases of rust, let it sit longer, from one hour to overnight if possible.

Using the proper tool, begin to rotate the item gently in place. FIN SUPER will have worked its way through the rust particles and begun to lubricate already. Work the item free, then remove rust and lubricate thoroughly with FIN SUPER to prevent further corrosion.

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Electrical and Electronics

circuit board

A circuit board can be easily damaged in humid environments unless protected.

The professional electrician or electronics repair specialist will find FIN SUPER endlessly useful, as will the casual hobbyist. Whether you work with computers, stereo components, audio-visual equipment, or any other type of electrical appliances, FIN SUPER’s dielectric properties make it the ideal product for protection. Spray it directly onto circuit boards to keep them safe from condensation in humid environments. Spray directly onto bare wires after splicing and before covering with tape or plastic connectors.

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Zippers and snaps

FIN SUPER makes zipper tracks and snaps move and fasten much more smoothly, and prevents them from rusting. MicPol®’s amazing adherence means it lasts up to ten times longer than other lubricants. Use on tents, boat covers, boots, backpacks, and any other item that uses metal fasteners of any type.

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Locksmiths use a lot of lubricant in the course of a regular workday. FIN SUPER is a favorite of locksmiths who have tried it, because it’s easy to use and lasts many times longer than lubricants without micronized, polarized lubricant particles. It can be sprayed directly into all lock mechanisms, then dispersed via mechanical means (i.e. turning the lock repeatedly to facilitate creeping and penetrating). Locks that have jammed or rusted can be opened again by spraying with FIN SUPER, allowing it to penetrate for at least five minutes (longer for advanced cases), then turning back and forth until free once more. Locks and chains used outdoors will last many times longer if protected from the elements using FIN SUPER. It can also be used on keys that see heavy use to protect them from wear.

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Pneumatic Tools

FIN SUPER will lubricate and protect all moving pieces, such as triggers, levers, handles, and valves, and will also protect and renew rubber and plastic seals, gaskets, and O-rings. Spray FIN SUPER directly into the air inlet to lubricate all internal mechanisms, then reattach the air hose and power up the tool. In some cases, you will actually hear motor RPMs increase immediately after.

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Boats and Watercraft

Use FIN SUPER to lubricate all moving parts on board sailboats, motorboats, jet skis, and more. It will also protect metal items from corrosion, even under high-pressure salt water spray. Excellent for rigging maintenance.

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FIN SUPER has thousands of uses around the home. Use it on all locks, tracks, rails, hinges, pulleys, knobs, tools, and anything else that needs lubricating or protecting. It will be endlessly useful during home construction and demolition projects. A favorite for the hobbyist, metal worker, and carpenter. Spray onto the metal working surfaces of gardening tools to make them easier to use and protect them from rust. FIN SUPER renews rubber on door frames and helps protect plastic from scratches. It has only a light odor and will not stain fabric.

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Trampolines are a great investment in your child’s physical fitness, but have you noticed that when they see heavy use, they tend to last no more than a season or two? This is especially true when they are stored outdoors all year long. Before assembling your trampoline, we recommend treating all of its parts with FIN SUPER, including poles, supports, screws, and springs. A second coat is also recommended to ensure total coverage. See "How to Apply" at the bottom of this page.

The easiest way to treat your springs is to put them all in a bucket or plastic tub, spray liberally with FIN SUPER, shake to ensure even dispersal, and then remove from the container and place on a clean surface to allow them to dry. We then recommend a second treatment of the same type, so that your can be sure your springs are thorough coated.

Your trampoline will be well protected from rust, your springs will last longer, and the annoying squeaks that often occur will be greatly reduced, too. Should disassembly of your trampoline ever be required, it will be much easier thanks to the low friction coefficient FIN SUPER offers.

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How to Apply Fin Super

For open surfaces, including metal, plastic, and rubber, ensure that the item is clean and free of dust. For those items that are coated in old lubricants, such as grease, this should be removed first for best results. Interflon make a range of cleaners and degreasers that may be appropriate for use.

For items that are already damp, FIN SUPER will not emulsify with the water particles, and will act as a dispersant. Once the MicPol particles have adhered to the surface, it will prevent further contact of water on the surface for as long as it remains in place.

Spray FIN SUPER directly onto the surface and wipe off the excess with a paper towel or cloth if possible. Allow to dry. (Note: allow extra drying time if wiping off excess is not an option.) Once drying is complete, it will leave behind a solid dry film with no sticky or moist residue. It is recommended to apply a second coat of FIN SUPER if possible, to ensure total coverage and to maximize protection.

For closed surfaces, such as wire ropes or rusted items, spray enough FIN SUPER onto the item to thoroughly coat the exterior, and allow it to penetrate without wiping dry. Allow a minimum of five minutes for full penetration. Longer times are recommended for larger wire ropes or for very advanced cases of rust. We also recommend a second coating of FIN SUPER in order to ensure total coverage and maximum protection.

For air inlets on pneumatic tools, just spray FIN SUPER directly into the inlet, then reattach the air hose. The internal rotor will move more smoothly and the tool’s operation will now be more efficient. If you are applying FIN SUPER indoors, you may hold a cloth over the exhaust port to prevent excess lubricant from being dispersed into the air.

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