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Advanced lubrication technology for your bike

Fin Super Bike Lube

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Fin Super is advanced lubrication technology for your bike.

  • Outperforms on chains, shifters, cables, bolts, and more
  • Forms a clear, solid film with no sticky residue
  • Stays on up to ten times longer than other lubricants
  • Lasts through all types of conditions (wet, dry, cold, hot, you name it)
  • Repels water and particles, so your parts stay clean and dry!

Fin Super is unlike any lubricant you've ever tried. Yes, we know you've heard that before. We can back up the claims!

Fin Super contains advanced lubricant technology called MicPol®. MicPol® is what allows Fin Super to stay on in all conditions, long after most lubes have been washed off or worn away. No need to take our word for it... just check out our reviews!

Fin Super is revolutionary and game-changing. Once you try it, you'll never think about lube the same way again.

"I've been having great success with this stuff."
-Seth's Bike Hacks

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Jason Van Horn runs one of America's most popular bike blogs... here's what he had to say about Fin Super!

"My commuter bike tends to build up a lot of gunk on the chain, rings, and derailleur pulleys. Switching to Fin Super has cut down the amount of accumulated grime which arguably adds significant life to the drive train. Not having to reapply constantly adds value."

lubing a bike chain with Fin Super

Jason Van Horn used Fin Super on all his bikes exclusively for five months. At the end of that time, he decided that it was his "go-to lube".

"Fin Super lives up to the claims and has become our go-to lube of choice."
-Jason Van Horn,

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