Interflon | 7 Ways Fin Super Improves Biking Performance

7 Ways Fin Super Improves Biking Performance

7 Ways Fin Super Improves Biking Performance

"Fin Super lives up to the claims and has become our go-to lube of choice."
Jason Van Horn,

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Sweeten your ride with the best all-around lubricating and protective coating spray on the market.

About the Author: John Leslie is a three-time national champion in the discipline of downhill mountain biking and has been involved in the sport for over thirty years. He's also the father of mountain bike racer Shane Leslie.

Fin Super isn’t just for your chain… it’s for your whole bike.

Fin Super is a high-performance lubricating and protective coating spray with MicPol. It goes on wet, dries quickly, and forms a solid film with the lowest friction of any solid substance on the planet. Not only that, but it lasts up to ten times as long as other lubricants. It’s simply the best all-around lubricant you can buy.

Fin Super is truly a game changer when it comes to lubrication in the bike world. Its superior capillary action means it can coat any surface completely, no matter how rugged the surface or how tiny the space. It can even creep into sealed bearings, where it will disperse moisture, break up rust, and rejuvenate the original lubricant. Mud and dirt cannot adhere to it, and moisture can’t penetrate it. Once dry, Fin Super has a coefficient of friction of 0.04… lower than any other solid substance on the planet!

Originally designed for use in challenging manufacturing environments, Fin Super is a multi-tool that can be used in place of many other lubricating products. It will stay on up to ten times longer than other lubricants.

Fin Super is not just for your chain! Read on to find out all the ways Fin Super will improve your ride, helping your components last longer by protecting them against dirt, rust, and wear.

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1. Fin Super Keeps Chains Smooth, Clean, and Dry

Fin Super is unlike anything you’ve ever tried on your chain before. We can say this with confidence, because it’s the only product on the market with MicPol®, a unique solid-lubricant technology with micronized and polarized particles. Fin Super goes on as a wet spray that dries quickly to form a clear, solid film. It repels water and dirt, and it will prolong the life of your chain by amounts you never thought possible.

"Fin Super doubles chain life."

How do we know this? Because we’ve been making Fin Super since 1980, and we’ve seen the results for ourselves. Our clients in over 40 countries around the world routinely report that their chain life is often doubled. Sometimes they last even longer than that! Originally designed for applications in tough industrial settings, Fin Super is being discovered by the biking community as a secret weapon that will perform better and last longer than any ordinary lubricant on the market.

What does all this mean for you? It means that your chain will stay cleaner for much, much longer. Cleaner lubrication also means less dirt stuck in the pins, which leads to much less chain stretch.

In industrial applications, we have years of data to show that Fin Super can double chain life when compared to ordinary lubricants. We also see 8-10% less electrical energy draw because of reduced friction. On bikes, you can clearly feel this in the drivetrain. The same reduction in friction that saves on electrical consumption translates directly to less drivetrain resistance. That “fresh drivetrain feeling” is always there with Fin Super.

Bottom line: Longer chain life, cleaner chains, faster performance.

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2. Sealed headset, wheel, pedal, and bottom bracket bearings

Fin Super offers such amazing capillary action that it can creep everywhere… even into sealed bearings. That’s right… you can just spray Fin Super around the outside of a sealed bearing and wait for a few minutes. It will immediately begin to penetrate the seal, rejuvenating the existing lubricant, dispelling water particles, and even refreshing the life of the gasket.

Fin Super solves the problem of rusted and seized bearings.

How is this possible? The tiny size of lubricant particles in Fin Super (as small as .03 microns, which is more than 1500x smaller than the diameter of a human hair) is what gives it its amazing creeping ability.

What this means is that Fin Super can be used on headsets, bottom brackets, pivot points, pedal, and wheel bearings... without having to take them apart.

These lubricant particles are so tiny there is nowhere they can’t slide in. Thanks to their negative polarity, they attach themselves to the positively-charged particles on the surface. This is what gives Fin Super its incredible staying power. That bond is far, far stronger than what typical oils and greases offer.

Here’s a common scenario: after a muddy downhill race, your bike is coated in mud. What do you do? You hose it down, of course. You might even power-wash it. Afterward, you might re-lubricate your drive train to dispel the water particles that are stuck in there.

But what about all the water that creeps into bearings and bushings? Over time, they become corroded, sticky, begin to break down, and eventually seize. In other words, they’re destroyed. Of course, you probably won’t notice this until the most inconvenient time possible, that is, right before your next ride. Who wants to postpone a beautiful run with friends on a glorious Saturday because you have to take apart all your bearings? Nobody, that’s who!

Fin Super solves the problem of rusted and seized bearings. All you need to do, once you’ve finished washing your bike, is use the aerosol can to spray Fin Super around the bearing seal.

Yes. That’s it. Really. Fin Super will immediately begin to creep under the seal, working to break up any existing rust and water and strengthen that seal once again. The more you apply Fin Super, the better protected your bearings are. That’s because the solid film Fin Super creates will build up over time. Remember, that film is tough and durable. It can withstand extreme high and low temperatures, high pressure, and even high-pressure water spray. Boat owners and fishermen use Fin Super to protect against salt water, so even though you might be dishing out a lot of punishment to your bike, Fin Super will deal with anything you can throw at it. Your bike will love you for using it!

3. Pivot Bearings and Bushings

Fin Super works the same for sealed pivot bearings as it does for the other sealed bearings. These bearings can be difficult to get to (especially the drive side bearings). All you need to do is spray Fin Super on the seal, and it will begin to creep in and work its magic. It also works just as well for pivot bushings. It is safe to use on plastic and rubber bushing materials. In fact, it actually helps them last longer and do their job better.

4. Freehubs

You can use Fin Super in the sensitive engagement point area. The lubrication qualities of Fin Super allow for the lowest friction where engagement occurs, keeps the pawls from sticking, displaces water and dirt that tries to enter, and lasts much longer than any other product on the market that is intended to do these same things.

5. Derailleurs and Chain Guides

You can use Fin Super on the pins, and pulley wheels on derailleurs and guides. It is also safe to use on the plastic components of chain guides. Just like the other applications, it displaces water and dirt, protects the parts, and lubricates better and much longer than conventional oils.

6. Cables and Levers

The penetrating action of Fin Super will actually deliver the MicPol® lubricant to the internal strands of cables, giving substantially more cable life. Surprisingly, there is more friction on the inside of a cable than the outside! A spray inside of the cable housing will leave the cable sliding much better, and again, due to the lowest friction of Micpol®, cause the cable to slide exceptionally well, yet last a very long time. Bikes with internal cable routing see big gains, as cable friction is drastically reduced with Fin Super. Both brake and shifting levers benefit in the same manner. Reduced friction, water and dirt displacement increase lever life, and performance.

7. Stuck Bolts

Stuck bolts are no match for Fin Super - especially on older bikes. The penetrating qualities are so high that Fin Super can regularly remove bolts that would normally need to be cut out.

All you need to do is spray Fin Super on the nut or bolt that needs to come off. Let it sit for a while… the more rust you have to deal with, the longer you should let it sit. Then come back and begin working it again. The MicPol will have crept in under the rust, reaching all the way down to the original metal and attaching itself thanks to its negative polarity. The rust will immediately begin to break up.

This application works especially well on old seatposts that are stuck. Squeaks and creaks from old cranks, seatpost bolts, and other related noises also go away with a Fin Super application.

Contact: John Leslie

John Leslie is not only a lubrication specialist at Interflon, he is a 3-time national champion in the discipline of downhill mountain bike racing. John has been racing and involved in the cycling community for over thirty years. He rides pretty much anything on two wheels (including motocross). Like most cyclists, John has seen his share of lubricants come and go, and found that some work better than others, but none work like Fin Super.

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For questions about using Fin Super on bikes, or to contact John about Interflon, email him at jleslie [at]