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How to use Fin Super to clean, lube, and protect firearms of all types

Fin Super for Firearms

Are you a responsible gun owner?

Then you’ll love Fin Super.

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Fin Super with MicPol®️ is firearms CLP (cleaning, lubrication and protection) technology for the 21st century. We guarantee you’ve never tried anything like it. How do we know? Because there isn’t anything else like it on the market.

Yes, we know. Big talk from another company trying to push a product that ends up being just like everything else. Is that what you’re thinking? Well, not this time. Fin Super really is unlike any gun oil you’ve ever tried.

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Well known and trusted by European military units and police departments since 1980, and recently introduced to police departments in the United States, Fin Super offers many benefits over traditional gun lubricants:

  • Fin Super’s MicPol®️ particles quickly penetrate every microscopic pore, crack and crevice, inside and out, where traditional oils and greases can’t reach
  • Fin Super far exceeds military standards for removing firearms residue, so you can use it as a cleaner as well as a lubricant and protectant
  • Bonds electrostatically, so it lasts up to 10x as long as other products
  • Offers the lowest possible coefficient of friction
  • Dries to a clear, non-sticky film that repels water and refuses dirt adhesion, making your firearms much easier to clean in the future
  • Leaves your firearms well-protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and corrosion, with no greasy afterfeel
  • Fin Super has only a very light odor, and will not stain clothing.
  • Can be applied in temps as low as -45 F and as high as +330 F
  • After application and evaporation of solvents, Fin Super functions perfectly in much more extreme temps, from -328 F to +572 F. Will not jam due to cold or run due to heat.
  • Jams are greatly reduced or eliminated altogether

In laboratory testing, Fin Super was shown to far exceed the military standard for firearms residue removal according to MIL-PRF-63460E §4.5.1.

Fin Super is perfect for situations where your firearm is exposed to water, dust, dirt, mud, and other contaminants. With MicPol®️ protection, particles cannot adhere to the surface, so they simply fall away. Water can’t penetrate Fin Super’s protective layer, either. Best of all, Fin Super is shown to last up to ten times as long as ordinary lubricants, even in high-temperature, high-friction scenarios. With only a very small amount required for each application, you’ll see that protecting your firearms only costs you pennies.

A little Fin Super goes a very long way! You’ll find you only need a light spray to do the job.


From now on, when you clean your firearm, you will not need any other solvents, cleaners, or lubricants. Fin Super will clean, lubricate and protect your firearm very effectively, and is the only product you will need to purchase.

Initial Cleaning
Before taking your gun into the field, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure firearm is unloaded. Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded, even if you know it isn't.
  • Disassemble firearm according to manufacturer’s instructions. It is not necessary to remove existing lubricants before treating with Fin Super, though you can do so if you wish.
  • Spray each piece liberally with Fin Super, including inside and outside barrel. Fin Super may be applied safely to the entire firearm, including trigger mechanism, slides, rails, magazine springs, and all other components. It will not react negatively with any surfaces, and it will not stain clothing. Do not spray onto lenses of telescopic sights.
  • Allow firearm parts to sit for a minimum of ten minutes and a maximum of one hour. During this time, the MicPol particles in Fin Super will creep, penetrate, and clean. As with any cleaner, the more heavily your firearm is soiled, the longer you should let Fin Super sit. Wipe or brush clean by using either a clean, dry rag or the brush and patches that were supplied with your cleaning kit.
  • Apply a second treatment of Fin Super to your firearm by spraying lightly over the surfaces once again. Then wipe or brush clean a second time.
  • If visible residue or contamination remains, repeat the above steps and allow Fin Super to sit for longer.
  • Reassemble firearm.

Your firearm is now well cleaned, lubricated, and protected from dirt and water, including salt water. Your firearm will have a good base of MicPol particles that will form a smooth, clear layer of lubrication and protection, and which will last up to ten times longer than ordinary petroleum lubricants.

Subsequent Cleanings
It will be much easier to clean your firearm now that it’s been treated with Fin Super. Gunpowder residue will find it much more difficult to adhere to surfaces, and moisture will be repelled from every component where you have applied Fin Super.

Interflon recommends that you clean your firearm thoroughly after every shooting session. Follow the same steps as above for each thorough cleaning. Each treatment will add to the base of Fin Super already existing on your firearm, which means that every time you apply the product, it will become better lubricated, better protected, and easier to clean.

Field Cleaning
If you are at the range or in the blind, and you think your barrel has become fouled with residue or other contaminants, follow these steps:

  • Ensure firearm is unloaded and that both barrel and chamber are clear.
  • Spray Fin Super directly into the barrel.
  • Use the brush supplied in your cleaning kit to clean the inside of the barrel.
  • Use a dry, clean patch and the cleaning rod supplied in your cleaning kit to wipe the inside of the barrel clean.
  • Visually assess interior of barrel to ensure no contamination remains. If there is, repeat the above steps until you can see that it is completely clean.

Your firearm will now be ready for use once again.

That’s it! Your weapon is now cleaned, lubricated and protected.

What to expect:

  • Fin Super creates a clear, non-sticky layer. You may feel a very slight film, but that greasy gun oil feeling will be a thing of the past.
  • Fin Super won’t allow adhesion of dirt particles or gunpowder residue, meaning your firearm will stay cleaner, be less prone to jamming, and will be easier to clean in the future
  • Your firearm will be protected from rust and corrosion
  • From now on, you’ll use less lubricant… up to 90% less.

Fin Super is also a fantastically versatile product, with hundreds of uses in the home, office, workshop, or garage. Use it on anything that moves or needs protection. For more ideas on how to use Fin Super, see our post entitled “14 Ways to Use Fin Super”.

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