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Check out this testimonial for Interflon Paste HT1200 from one of our clients, Inventive Marine, makers of live fish pumps!

“Our pumps and hose connections are made from aluminum and are fastened with stainless steel bolts. They spend many years exposed to saltwater spray.

“Previously, we had great difficulty disassembling them because of the corrosion that takes place when you have two different metals next to each other in a saltwater environment. We had to use blowtorches to heat them up just to take them apart. Some are not easy to get at with a grinder or cut-off torch… in some cases brute strength is required to strip the threads or break the hardware and start again. All this with new equipment and fresh paint in the equation….not to mention the anger and frustration if it happens multiple times in a row. On repairs it is the same thing. This was time-consuming, difficult and would usually end in something breaking.

“Since we started using Interflon Paste HT1200 as an anti-seize and assembly paste on our pumps, we find disassembly is a snap, even on pumps that have been on deck and underwater for a long time. HT1200 has also done a great job of preventing the fretting and galling that takes place during assembly of our pumps.

“Many of our customers process food fish and appreciate that HT1200 is also NSF H1 as opposed to many other questionable anti-seize agents on the market.

“Using HT1200 and the near elimination of the frustration and anger alone, far exceeds the huge cost savings in labour and delays as a result of galled and seized hardware.”

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