Case studies

50% energy savings and 10 hours uptime

Conveyor chain hoist for building materials

Initial situation

The conveyor chain hoist was not lubricated because of high dust levels that would adhere to conventional 'wet' lubricants creating an abrasive paste and resulting in frequent cleaning. As a consequence the energy consumption was too high.

Our solution

Interflon Lube TF was used: a dry lubricant with MicPol® technology that prevents dust particles from sticking to the chain, at the same leaving the chain clean and well lubricated with the lowest possible friction.


Since Interflon Lube TF has been used, energy consumption dropped by 50%, reducing costs by € 1.000,- per chain per year! Cleaning was done every 14 days, now only every 3 months generating at least 10 hours of up-time.

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