Isolation Switch Lubrication

High-voltage electrical disconnectors and switches for railway applications are important and that they must work correctly. The railway network is globally interconnected, and the connection between systems with different voltages.

Disconnectors and switches are an essential element of the supply systems (overhead conductors or ground level wires) that feed the trains. The switch makes it possible for you to disconnect the line either under fault conditions or for work. However the switches are fitted with an isolator in order to provide a sufficient gap between the live terminals and those made dead in order for your staff to work on the system.

Interflon Grease OG - tested at Network rail and MLE Morris line engineering among others - to lubricate the main contact, blade tips and hinge end vacuum bottle, operating arm and blade mounted moving contact. This exceptionally long lasting, transparent grease is widely used on the OLE equipment as well as national energy grid companies also known as Distribution Network Operators.