OLE Support and Registration Equipment

The conductor is held via an insulator held by a number of clamps fitted to the registration arms that allow for free motion thermal expansion and contraction of the copper wire.

These clamps are greased to allow for this movement. To maintain these clamps it involves breaking open the clamp using tools to back of the bolt to allow for re-greasing which can be time consuming. Interflon Grease OG aerosol has led to a much quicker maintenance practice for many rail infrastructure owners/developers, like Network Rail. Besides, there is no need to open the clamps at maintenance.

You can spray the liquid grease into the joint along the gaps which then allows for the grease to penetrate the clamp before thickening. Interflon Grease OG also has excellent water proofing properties and is extensively used to protect steel surfaces from corrosion. It leaves a transparent but dry protection layer on the exposed surface which will protect for many years.