Water treatment

Extend periodic maintenance intervals

In an industry challenged with around-the-clock operations and sanctions for non-compliance with regulatory standards, it could be easy to lose sight of periodic maintenance requirements. Ignoring the impact of a correct lubrication can be costly.

The environment is very unfavorable for lubricants: moisture, changes in temperature, outdoor, abrasive residues, dust and presence of gases are just some of the challenges maintenance engineers face when trying to keep equipment in shape and available. Our MicPol® technology is developed to stand up against these conditions.

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Some applications in Water treatment

4 times longer service-life of sludge scraper bearings

Due to the heavy outdoor conditions the sludge scraper must work in and the high operating loads, the bearings suffer a lot and need to be replaced frequently. Conventional greases, even with EP additves and despite of applying them frequently, do not always provide the right lubrication and protection. In some cases, replacing the bearings requires the entire system to be disassembled, causing a 3-day shutdown.

With Interflon Grease MP2/3 with MicPol® our clients only lubricate once a week, bearing life is extended by a factor 4 and some case studies have shown an energy reduction of more than 5% proving there is less friction.

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Sludge scapaer

Water waste centrifuges requires the best grease

Apart from the vibrations and the high speed, the humid and hostile environment are very challenging for conventional greases used in the bearings. They tend to run out of the bearing very quickly and therefore frequent greasing is a must to avoid failure and down-time, resulting in a high grease consumption.

Interflon Grease MP2/3 does not run out of the bearing thanks to the MicPol® particles that reduce temperature and friction inside the bearing. Greasing intervals can be extended by a factor 4 to 6, significantly reducing grease consumption. The emergency running properties of the MicPol® technology prevents bearings to fail when grease interval is not respected, increasing machine reliability.