Two Interflon cleaners have been scientifically proven to fight against the coronavirus

Tested according to EN14476

Breaking News! Interflon Eco Degreaser and Interflon Fin Clean All2 have been scientifically proven to support the fight against the coronavirus! Both cleaners have been tested according to EN14476, chemical disinfectants & antiseptics by the Valencian Institute of Microbiology, a private reference laboratory.

Interflon Fin Clean All2 was tested at a 20% dilution rate and Interflon Eco Degreaser, a ready to use cleaner, was tested as is. Both products were developed as powerful cleaners / degreasers and the tests prove that they also have the properties necessary to deactivate enveloped viruses like the coronavirus. But without containing biocides like registered disinfectants have, allowing us to be label free and have all kind of food grade certificates like NSF, Halal, Kosher and European Eco Label.

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