Interflon | Drive Chain for Lock Gates

Case studies


Drive Chain for Lock Gates

Initial Situation

The drive chain is used to operate the main lock gates at a very busy dockyard in the North Atlantic. The chain is submerged in seawater at all times, and it operates under heavy loads. As a result of these conditions, the pins and links of the chain rusted and seized up. Due to the poor condition of the chain, more energy was needed to open and close the gates, leading to damage to the transmission system.

Our Solution

We applied Interflon Grease LS 1/2 to the pin and bush when installing the chain. Next, we applied Fin Grease LS2 at all lubrication points. After placing all pins, we thoroughly lubricated bearings with Interflon Grease 1/2 until the grease was visible at the bush.


Lubricated pins are still in excellent condition even after 10 years submerged in seawater.