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Fruit culture

Beat sand and water and reduce down-time

With fruit processors there is always the pressure to process all the harvested fruit directly and quickly. Machine downtime is unacceptable. The environment in which the machines must work does not make that easier.

These machines suffer a lot due to the presence of water and sand. For example, the driving chains are, 80% of the processing time, submerged in water washing off the lubricants and causing corrosion issues. Our NSF-H1 food grade lubricants with MicPol® technology help to protect against these ‘enemies’ and bring down-time to a minimum.

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Some applications in Fruit processing

Clean and long-lasting chains on the calibrators

The driving chains on the calibrators suffer a lot. Sand coming from the fruit adheres to the lubricant creating an abrasive paste causing stretching and the water washes off the lubricant. Frequent lubricating is a must but causes dripping.

With Interflon Food Lube (manual lubrication) or Interflon Food Lube H32 (for automatic spray mist lubrication), you only need a small amount of lubricant and less frequently because the MicPol® layer will prevent sand from adhering, it repels water and minimizes friction so chains will last longer. Both products are NSF-H1 certified.

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Boxes conveyor

Chains and the guides of the air rails

After calibration, the fruit falls on stainless steel trays or in water channels. This fruit already has the same size or weight and can be put in boxes or trays. Here we will find a lot of conveyor belts and air rails transporting empty boxes. The chains and the guides of these equipment have to be well lubricated to avoid stick-slip and premature wear, but 'wet' conventional lubricants present the risk of dripping on the boxes and attract debris.

With Interflon Food Lube this risk is totally eliminated, thanks to the creation of a dry MicPol® film that does not attract any debris and last at least 5x longer at the lowest friction possible. Some of our customers say they don't hear any squeaky noises anymore since using Interflon Food Lube, proving the friction is lower than before. First degrease the chains and guides with Interflon Degreaser EM30+ or Interflon Eco Degreaser to allow the MicPol® particles to adhere to the surface.

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