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Keeping your plant clean and minimize down-time

Can you imagine a more hostile environment for machinery than yours? Keeping your plant clean is a constant battle, but one well worth winning to minimize down-time and prevent premature wear of machine components.

Abrasive dust is hard for any machine component. Add to that a little moisture, which mixes with the dust to form a crust that’s hard to remove, and you have a mess that hinders maintenance and inspection activities.

Some applications at Concrete & Cement plants

Conveyor chains of rock crusher

Conveyor belts carrying rocks to a crusher tend to fail frequently. Use of conventional lubricants cause sand and rock dust to adhere to the chain, resulting in the formation of an abrasive paste. This paste rapidly causes chain elongation due to wear of pins and bushings. The chains have to be frequently replaced.

Interflon Lube EP or Interflon Lube EP+ penetrates deeply into the pins and bushings of the chain, leaving a dry and thin MicPol® lubrication film to which dust and sand don't stick. The chains look clean due to less build up of abrasive paste. Thanks to the MicPol® film intervals can be extended and chains last typically 3 to 4 times longer resulting in less production stops and savings on replacement of chains.

Before applying, first clean the chains thoroughly with Interflon Degreaser EM30+ and then blow off with compressed air to allow the Interflon product penetrate and adhere to the surface.

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Stone crusher plant 50 tph 500x500
Drag bearing

Drag bearings and shafts of conveyors

They literally get destroyed by the constant exposure to rain water and rock dust, and heavy pressure of the weight of the rocks. This requires mechanics to grease each bearing daily, typically using a conventional EP or a so called 'ultra tacky' grease. And still they only last 2 to 3 months generating a very costly shut-down of the plant and high replacement costs.

Interflon Grease HD2 with MicPol® technology allows to extend grease intervals from daily to every 5-7 days. Conventional greases tend to liquify under the extreme pressure and exposure to rock dust and Interflon Grease HD2 stays as grease and pushes away all product residue away from the bearings.

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