Prevent glass particles mixing with your lubricants

Some equipment failures, like those of a tempering line, can shut down the entire glass processing factory. if your glass processing equipment is not running, it’s costing you money. You’ll miss your delivery times probably risk losing your customers or at least lower their satisfaction.

Since the main component of glass is silicone sand, maintenance people working in this industry do know that everything should be done to prevent this material penetrating the machine parts. They create abrasiveness resulting in premature wear or malfunctions. Our MicPol® technology prevents glass particles mixing with the lubricants and also repels water.

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Some applications in the Glass industry

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No more adhesion of glass dust

The washing and transfer machines suffer from glass dust penetrating into and adhering to machine parts like chains, guides, pistons etc. causing stick-slip and premature wear. Conventional ‘wet’ lubricants even accelerate this process requiring frequent cleaning and relubrication.

Interflon Lube TF leaves a dry MicPol® film preventing glass dust from adhering, minimizing cleaning and relubrication (4x less), at the same time protecting machine parts from corrosion since MicPol® repels water.

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