Slide Chair lubrication

The slide chairs of a switch layout are critical component of a railway’s infrastructure, therefore lubrication is essential. Traditional lubricants tend to be applied in larger quantities more frequently and are of an oily consistency, attracting dirt and contaminates of the surrounding equipment.

Such lubricants do not penetrate the heel of a switch which is the critical point of which the switch blade pivots and one that flange back contact from the train wheel can occur due to tight gauge, also rollers have proven to be in effective at pushing over the heel section of the switch rail. Interflon Lube EPR - an extreme pressure dry film transparent coating fortified with our MicPol® technology - is the right product for you to coat and protect slide chairs to prevent failure in ALL weather and environmental conditions. Interflon Interflon Lube EPR has been tested by leading railways.

Once the slide chairs have been properly prepared, you do not need to clean further and re-coating is only required once every 4 or 13 weeks depending on the layout design. This leaves slide chairs clean and easy to inspect for damage and wear. Interflon Lube EPR has also been uniquely developed to be able to be applied in very wet conditions and bond to the surface of a wet slide plate, so there really isn’t many things that it cannot overcome out in track..!

For efficiency and your worker safety, the Interflon lubricant is applied from a special backpack while your worker is standing upright enabling his peripheral vision at all times. A typical switch length takes one minute to lubricate using this new method - thus significantly less time is spent on the track. Moreover, its dry-coating technology reduces contamination and prevents ice adhesion in winter.

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