Ski resorts

Eco friendly lubricants allowing longer intervals

There is a high pressure to keep equipment, like ski lifts, available as much as possible to the public. But the harsh conditions (snow, cold, wind, rain, mist moisture) makes this task quite challenging.

Many of the maintenance tasks can only be done after closing hours, in extreme cold conditions and at difficult accesible (dangerous) areas. At the same time environmental legalislation sets high demands on for example the environmental impact of lubricants.

Some applications at Ski resorts

Bearing bushes of cable grippers telecabin now only greases every two years

Using conventional greases, they have to be lubricated at least 4x per year because there is a lot of pressure on the bushes working under harsh conditions. The lubrication of the 10 bearing bushes that each gripper has (4 grippers per cabin) is time consuming, dangerous and heavy work. The technicians have to climb on top of the cabin, often in the evening under difficult weather conditions. This takes about 15 minutes per cabin.

With Interflon Food Grease LT2, a transparent low temperature (up to -40˚C) grease with MicPol®, the lubrication interval can be extended to 1x every two years allowing re-relubrication after the winter period, providing the telecabins are not open for the public and good weather conditions prevail. A huge saving on grease consumption and time, at the same time eliminating dangerous work in extreme conditions. Interflon Food Grease LT 2 is a "food grade" grease, so better for the environment. Favourable for ski resorts wanting to achieve the ISO14000 standard.

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Bar spring

Bar springs in connectable chair lifts

Chairlift bar springs are opened and closed 10,000 times per season. Theobjective is for the springs to complete 80,000 cycles (about 8 seasons) without requiring extra lubrication. With conventional greases, due to the harsh conditions, typically problems start to arise after one season (about 10,000 cycles) . The bar springs jam, the squeaking chairlift have to be adjusted, the corresponding chair unit have to be hung out and re-lubricated!
Each year about 100,000 bar springs are installed, resulting in high replacement costs and labour-time.

With Interflon Food Grease LT2 , the 80,000 cycles can be completed, and even more. With no jamming or squeaking noises from the bar springs. A huge cost saving in bar springs and labour-time a result.

Tags: Interflon Food Grease LT2 | MicPol®