Theme parks

Safety first, availability second

Theme and adventure parks have a special responsibility to safeguard rides, enclosures, stages and other areas that serve the public. Maintenance is crucial to keep rides and other equipment available for the public, because shut-downs are bad for the image.

Since most of the attractions are outdoor, they suffer from changing weather conditions, water, dust and UV. Combined with heavy loads, the equipment suffers a lot and sets high demands on lubricants used.

Some applications in Theme parks

Rollercoaster Kingda-Ka launching cable

Due to the high forces, excessive grease ends on the main power room walls from splatter. Conventional greases are ineffective as a penetrating lubricant. Pins of the braking mechanism typically snap daily causing high replacement costs and many labour time.

Interflon Lube TF provides a dry, clean, penetrating, transparent lubrication on the launch cable and on the brake pins. The MicPol® particles support high loads and repel dust and water. Pins now replaced weekly as opposed to daily.

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Rollercoaster launching cable

Carousel TaiFun bearing lubrication

Centrifugal forces at its best and most extreme, up to 3.5G. Conventional greases, if not applied weekly, do not withstand these forces and, in combination with dust, start to bleed and finally run out of the bearings causing high wear.

With Interflon Grease HD2, a new generation grease with MicPol® technology, the grease stays in the bearing and repels dust. Therefor it lasts much longer, reducing grease consumption with 75% thanks to the possibility to extend greasing intervals from once a week to once a month.

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