Lubricating grease for low temperatures

Prevent wear, even at low temperatures or when exposed to winter weather and extend the service life of your machinery with Interflon low-temperature grease. Our lubricating greases are enriched with MicPol® that forms a durable lubricating film. This way, machine parts last even longer and you save considerably on maintenance and replacement costs.

Directly to Interflon lubricating grease for low temperature application

Low-temperature lubricating grease enriched with MicPol®.

The unique Interflon low temperature lubricating grease is suitable for moderate or extreme cold. The lubricating grease keeps your machines running smoothly in cold processes or cold weather. This is made possible by the innovative Interflon MicPol® technology. MicPol® reduces friction between moving machine parts significantly.

Low-temperature lubricating grease for a longer service life

The Interflon low-temperature lubricating grease provides, in moderate or low temperatures, a high-quality lubrication and excellent protection against wear under these conditions. This reduces the risk of corrosion, wear, rust or cold damage. The lubricant remains liquid at extremely low temperatures and also provides high performance. Thanks to the MicPol® particles, lubrication intervals are extended up to 4 times and the life of your machine is extended.

Advantages of low-temperature lubricating grease

Machines in the vicinity of extreme temperatures often require additional maintenance. With the Interflon low-temperature lubricating grease -enriched with MicPol® - you can be sure of:

  • Optimal protection of your machines against extremely low temperatures
  • Less downtime, more output
  • Extension of the service life and lubrication intervals.
  • Inhibition of rust and corrosion
  • Excellent protection against cold, water, electricity and pollution
  • · Reduced costs of maintenance, energy and lubricant consumption

Low temperature lubricating grease for your industry

Lubricating grease for low temperatures. Use for lubricating the bearings, chains, skids and many other machine parts exposed to the outside air. In addition, this grease is ideally suited to environments with (extremely) low temperatures in the (food) processing industry . E.g., chains and bearings of freezers of a bakery. Also in skiing areas, low-temperature grease is indispensable for safe and optimal lubrication in harsh weather conditions, such as snow and cold. With the low-temperature grease from Interflon you save time and lubricating grease.

Interflon offers you Interflon Food Grease LT2, a food-safe low-temperature lubricating grease that meets stringent environmental legislation.

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