Interflon food grease lt2 multi-purpose food safe low temperature grease with micpol®


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Grease for Cold Processes and Outdoor Exposure in Winter

Food Grease LT2

In severe cold processes or outdoor exposure in winter weather, machinery needs special lubrication to operate smoothly. Interflon offers it's Fin Food Grease LT2 that not only remains fluid, but also provides high performance lubrication and excellent wear protection under these circumstances.

It's state of the art formulation gives this food-grade grease long life at both low and high temperatures under almost any conditions. It's extreme pressure characteristics stand up against high impact loads.

Listed by the NSF® (Class H1) which gives it full acceptability for use where there is potential for incidental contact with food or drugs.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Exceptional high- and low temperature performance
  • Significant reduction of friction and wear
  • Extremely resistant to water washout
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion
  • Outstanding emergency-run characteristics
  • Transparent, enabling easy visual inspection

Product Application Areas
Excellent choice for the lubrication of Bearings, Chains, Slides and many other Machine Parts with outdoor exposure or used in industrial and food-stuff environments where extremely low temperatures range from rule out the use of conventional greases.