Lubricating oil for pneumatic equipment

Reduce wear to your pneumatic equipment and extend its life considerably with Interflon’s pneumatic oil enriched with MicPol®. The advanced Interflon lubrication technology reduces friction and wear - so your pneumatic tools and machines last for much longer! By lubricating them with our premium pneumatic oil, you will save on maintenance and repair costs and oil consumption.

Direct to Interflon pneumatic oil

Pneumatic oil enriched with MicPol®

Interflon pneumatic oil has been specially developed for pneumatic equipment and linear drive systems. The water-resistant oil is enriched with MicPol® which reduces wear to a minimum. This unique technology protects compressors, compressed air systems and pneumatically driven tools - which are exposed to heavy load, dust and dirt, water and corrosion - better and for longer.

The use of pneumatic oil

In pneumatic equipment, power is transferred using air or gas. These systems are often complex, making use of compressors, pipes, air tanks and more.

Interflon pneumatic oil is suitable for all types of pneumatically-drive systems, prevents deposits in pneumatic systems, does not harm any rubber and/or plastic components and has excellent atomisation properties

Benefits of pneumatic oil

Interflon pneumatic oil is specially formulated to improve the reliability of components, minimise the distribution of oil spray at the point of application and to reduce the vibration of compressed air tools in industrial environments. Interflon pneumatic oil prevents corrosion, improves water separation and minimises the contamination of lubricant and accumulation of carbon and varnish. Interflon pneumatic oil (ISO VG 32) is also suitable for use in central lubrication systems.

The use of Interflon pneumatic oil will yield the following benefits:

  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Increased reliability from your tools
  • Less maintenance
  • Extended life of air system components and pneumatic equipment
  • Up to 90% less oil consumption

Pneumatic oil for your compressed air-driven tools

It may be that your pneumatic equipment often jams during the production process. The cause is often the presence of moisture, which can cause corrosion. By using Interflon pneumatic oil, you will need to repair, replace and maintain your pneumatic systems less often. You will extend the life of your pneumatic tools and save cost. This oil is directly applicable for the lubrication of air-driven motors, valves, cylinders and all types of compressed air equipment!

For the lubrication of your pneumatic equipment, you can choose from Interflon Lube PN32, Interflon Food Lube PN32 and Interflon Lube PN68.

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