Case studies

The costs savings achieved are €37,800

Gearbox on a packaging machine

Initial situation

The gearbox ceased to ensure the functioning of the arm as the oil became pasty, which caused a blockage in the gearbox. With no solution available, the box had not been working for 6 months. The blockage led to work overload on the other production lines and one operator per team had to manually carry out the packaging work for 2 hours. The gearbox concerned needed to be replaced. Various different conventional gear oils were tested but without success.

Our solution

By applying Interflon Food Lube G220 with MicPol®, the gearbox was saved.
- Extension of the gearbox's service life.
- Improved lubrication.
- Considerable financial savings.


The plans to replace the gearbox were cancelled. Production has started up again normally and without any overload or any need for manual operations. Considerable cost savings have been achieved.

Cost saving

Replacement of the gearbox was prevented, i.e.: €17,000

Manual packaging operations:
For 6 months, 2 hours of labour per team, 3 teams a day, i.e.
6 hours a day. Average hourly rate: 35 euros.

I.e.: (2 hours x 3) x €35 = €210/ day,
€210 x 30 days = €6,300/ month,
€6,300 x 6 months = €37,800

The costs savings achieved are huge: €37,800

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