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Cost saving of €1.677,45 every 6 months

Crane gearwheel in tank of a treatment plant

Initial situation

The bridge crane over the treatment plant tank is moved by a gear reducer which, by applying a reduction to a single wheel, makes it turn. The gears are encased. Due to the high loads involved, the product used tends to be expelled by the kinematic pair, requiring frequent re-lubrication up to once per week with around 500 ml of a black-coloured grease. Applied frequently, this high quantity of grease tends to be dispersed, which causes significant environmental problems. And because of dripping, the product ends up beneath the rubber wheels used to transport the bridge crane, making it slip and impeding its displacement.

Our solution

After a thorough cleaning of the gearwheel with Interflon Degreaser EM30+ (aerosol), a layer of Interflon Grease OG (aerosol) is applied, which keeps the component in optimal condition. Significantly longer lubrication interval. Fewer cleans. Reduced environmental impact. Improved plant efficiency.


The customer was highly satisfied due to the level of cleaning and long-lasting lubrication. The lubrication interval was extended to 6 months!

An improvement has also been seen in the plant's overall efficiency, as it previously required one procedure per month to clean both the rack and pinion unit and the surface over which the bridge crane travels. Now, these cleaning procedures are no longer necessary.

Cost saving

Previous situation
0.5l of Berner lubricant at €8/l per application.
In 6 months = 24 applications.
Application time: 15 minutes at €37/h.

0.5l x €8 x 24 = €96 (cost of grease)
0.25l x €37/h x 24 = €222 (cost of labour)

For cleaning:
0.5h per month x €37/h x 6 months = €111 (cost of cleaning)

Total €96 + 222 + 111 = €429 x 4 wheel units = €1,716

Current situation
1/5 of aerosol spray at €32.79/pc. per application.
In 6 months = 1 application.
Application time: 5 minutes at €37/h.

0.2 x 32.79 x 1 = €6.558 (cost of grease)
0.0833 h x 37 €/h x 1 = €3.08 (cost of labour)

For cleaning: €0

Total €6.558 + 3.08 = €9.638 x 4 wheel units = €38.55

€1,716 - €38.55 = €1,677,45 every 6 months.

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