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Temperature down and 26,31% energy saving

External gearbox to drive mixing arms in the basin

Initial situation

Company working in the area of processing as well as commercial import and export of raw ingredients and cocoa products. They formulated the following objectives: reducing the oil temperature and less vibration in the gears, improving the working environment for employees, decreasing energy consumption by gear unit and reducing the impact on the environment. Very dry and warm, temperatures between +35°C and +40°C.

Our solution

Interflon Grease MP00, a semi-liquid grease with MicPol® particles, reducing friction to a minimum and protecting seals and gaskets.


Once the gear unit was filled with 120 litres of Interflon Grease MP00 and the gear box was filled with 30 litres, the electricity consumption (kWh) was monitored over an actual production period of 30 days. A comparison was then made between the data before and after the application of Interflon Grease MP00, which demonstrated that, thanks to the Interflon® technology, a reduction of the temperature by 10°C and a decrease in the electricity consumption of 26.31% had been achieved! Of course, there was also less vibration and this all contributed to improving the working environment for employees.

Cost saving

Based on the data available, the customer can expect an economic saving of:
- €335.00 based on a production period of 4,400 hours per year;
- €4,418.00 based on a production period of 8,000 hours per year;
- €9,105.00 based on a production period of 12,000 hours per year;

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