Case studies

Total savings of €85,000 per year

Lubrication of the bearings of the electric motor shaft

Initial situation

During the operation of the evaporative tower fan motor, there has been a continuous increase in electricity consumption for several years, calculated at €25,000 per year. After the appropriate investigations the cause was identified: the ageing of the mechanical components on the fan was generating an increase in friction that required a constantly-increasing use of electrical energy. In addition, an extraordinary maintenance operation was required every year to replace damaged bearings at a cost of approx. €4,000 per year.

Our solution

Applying Interflon Grease MP2/3 with MicPol® technology, the customer immediately noted a reduction in lubrication frequency which changed from 1 every 6 months to 1 every 8 months for the first year; in subsequent years this was 1 every 12 months. The improved lubrication of the bearings eliminated mechanical friction and increased the cooling of the mechanical parts, leading to a significant reduction in electrical energy consumption equal to 4.6 A.


With Interflon Grease MP2/3 the management of the Evaporative Tower has calculated the total savings at €85,000 per year, considering the operation of only 26 of the 64 motors at the plant.

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