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Annual saving of € 4,000.00

Roller bearings of rolling cylinders

Initial situation

During the manufacturing process, the cylinders are constantly under an abundant flow of water. Despite the right seals, the water still manages to infiltrate inside the bearing where, by mixing with lubricating grease, it has a diluent action which not only reduces the lubricating characteristics of the grease but also leads to leaks due to the lowering of the viscosity (emulsion), facilitated in this by the rotation of the bearing itself and by gravity. Each cylinder comprises 2 bearings worth €4,000.00 which are currently replaced every 1,050 hours of work: they work 8 hours a day (1 shift) for 220 days a year.

Our solution

Thanks to Interflon Grease LS2, the customer finds it has an excellent lubricating action, excellent resistance to water, no washing or emulsion, no leaking of grease and the bearing’s lifespan and lubrication frequency is extended.


Previous situation:
The 2 bearings are changed every 1,050 hours.
220 days x 8 hours = 1,760 hours a year/1,050 = 1.68 changes a year.
2 changes x 2 bearings x €2,000.00/bearing = €8,000 for new bearings.

Situation with Interflon:
The 2 bearings are changed every 1,800 hours.
220 days x 8 hours = 1,760 hours a year/1,800 = 0.97 changes a year
1 change x 2 bearings x €2,000.00/bearing = €4,000 for new bearings.

The assumed annual saving is: €8,000.00 - €4,000.00 = €4,000.00.

The saving due to the reduced lubrication and the related increased productivity has not been considered. The lubrication cost is equivalent, but the amount used is considerably less, resulting in a lower environmental impact.

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