Case studies

Savings of up to € 121,740 a year

Racks and drive gears of a continuous dryer

Initial situation

Failures and outages kept plaguing the continuous dryer, as the oven pallets did not remain upright while moving, but started to slant or lean. This meant that the oven pallets could not go into the oven. The cause of this was the significant wear of the drive gears and racks. They had to be replaced 2x a week.

Our solution

The company has suffered no more production outages or failures since they first started using Interflon Grease OG (aerosol). Please note: the user submitted an improvement proposal for this application, for which they received a € 2000 reward.


Since September 2007, the racks and drive gears have been lubricated with Interflon Grease OG (aerosol). Up to the present day neither of these parts have needed replacement, and no failures have been recorded.

Costs: monthly costs for parts and labour: € 2540.
Average monthly production failures: 338 minutes.

Results of the cost savings annually:
Labour costs monthly € 2540 x € 12 = € 30,480.
Failures monthly 338 minutes (€ 22.50 /minute) x 12 months = € 91,260.

Total: € 121,740.

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