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Less time spent on cleaning and greasing booms

Lubrication of the telescopic boom of a crane

Initial situation

The hositing equipment works in all kinds of weather conditions and they stand outside at night, exposed to the elements. The currently used conventional grease forms a base into which dust gets stuck, which drips onto the floor in hot weather and hardens again in the winter. As a result, the crane does not always function properly. Cranes are lubricated manually by the engineers. Given the size of the machines, this is a strenuous job. The shafts of the crane booms sliding in or out causes dangerous jolts which, in turn, cause the load at the end of hoisting cable to swing. and is very hard to clean because the cleaning agent evaporates even before the engineers are able to rub the polluted surface.

Our solution

Interflon Grease LS2 is a very adhesive, water resistant grease for heavy and shock loads, containing MicPol® particles. Dust and sand does not stick that much anymore, so easier to clean, especially when using our effective and user-friendly Interflon Degreaser EM30+ (aerosol).


From now on lubricating the booms only takes a few hours and can be done easily and cleanly. Only a small amount of grease is required. The jolting seen when the shafts slide in or out has completely disappeared. Thanks to the MicPol® technology and the properties of the grease, lubrication intervals can be extended drastically and less grease is used, alle leading to an important cost saving. The booms are clean, dust no longer gets stuck in the grease, the grease no longer gets washed out by the rain and it no longer drips onto the floor in hot weather. It is now much easier to clean the booms because Interflon Degreaser EM30+ does evaporate slowly, giving enough time to remove old grease.

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