Dry lubricant

Prevent premature wear, extend the service life of your machines and save substantially on costs with the high-quality Interflon dry lubricants. Interflon dry lubricants are reinforced with MicPol® technology and have a superior lubricating action.

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Dry lubricant enriched with MicPol®

Our dry lubricants enriched with MicPol® are suitable for virtually all moving parts in varied environments. A dry lubricant is suitable for wet parts and repels moisture, breaks down deposits and keeps machines running smoothly. The durable, tough film layer minimises friction and wear on moving parts. Dirt, water, corrosion, dust and high pressure have no chance, so you save on maintenance and lubricant consumption.

Dry lubricants for all-round lubrication

A dry lubricant leaves a high-quality lubricating film and dries quickly. You can apply it to a variety of surfaces such as wood, plastics, metals and textiles. You use the Interflon dry lubricants for lubrication of cables, chains and many other moving parts. They loosen stuck parts and have many uses. Of course, it is essential that you clean parts - that require lubrication - first . This will cause dry lubricant to bind better, making your machine parts last longer.

Advantages of dry lubricants

Lubrication with Interflon dry lubricants will ensure that your machine parts wear less and require less maintenance. You will benefit from the following advantages:

  • One single lubricant for lubrication of general machine parts.
  • Lower maintenance and breakdown costs
  • Extension of the service life and lubrication intervals.
  • Less downtime, more output

Dry lubricant for your situation

Interflon dry lubricants are used for all kinds of applications, for both preventive maintenance and repairs. For long-term lubrication of drive chains and many other moving parts.

Choose from one of the following Interflon (food-)safe dry lubricants:

Interflon Food Lube: Universal food-safe dry lubricating oil

Interflon Food Lube AL: Dry lubricant for automatic lubrication systems

Interflon Food Lube (aerosol): Universal food-safe dry lubricating oil in a spray can

Interflon Fin Super (aerosol): For general dry lubrication applications

Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube: Universal dry lubricant in a 50ml bottle

Interflon Lube TF: Highly versatile, adhesive lubricant with dry film

Interflon Lube TF (aerosol): Highly versatile, adhesive lubricant with dry film in a spray can

Interflon Lube EP: Highly pressure-resistant dry film lubricating oil

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