How Interflon contributes to higher efficiency

Airport congestion, and thus limited resilience, is an everyday situation at major airports around the world, causing difficulties regardless of the weather. Delay brings not only inconvenience to passengers, but also costs to airports, airlines, society and the environment.

The maximum availability of airport equipment enabling a fluid process is key. An issue in the baggage handling system or a failing cargo loader creates a chain reaction, leading to delays and high correction costs. That's why maintenance on airports is so crucial. We are very well aware of that.

Some applications on Airports

Boarding bridge roller bearings

The extendible section of the bridge runs on rollers. The bearings of these rollers wear out very quickly because of high loads. The weather conditions are hostile and conventional greases suffer a lot under these conditions and therefore need to be applied frequently.

Interflon Grease HD2, a new generation grease with MicPol® technology, is very resistant to water and temperature changes in combination with high loads. Greasing intervals can be extended by a factor 4 and when incidentally forgotten to grease on time, the emergency running properties of MicPol® prevent bearings to fail due to lack of lubrication, increasing equipment reliability.

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Boarding bridge
Chain bagagge handiling

Baggage handling transport system chain

Because of the dry and dusty environment these conveyor chains operate in, they get dirty and noisy. The 'wet' conventional lubricants attract dust, creating an abrassive paste and provoke premature wear. High maintenance and replacement costs and down-time when they need to be replaced.

Interflon Lube TF penetrates, with little quantity, into the pins and bushes of the chains lubricating the moving parts, reducing friction to a minimum and eliminating noise. The MicPol® particles provide the chains with a dry lubrication film preventing dust from sticking and preventing wear of the pins and bushes. Lubrication intervals can be extended dramatically (4x), at the same time extending service-life of the chains.

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