Img Interflon Degreaser Em56



High yield, heavy duty industrial grade degreaser

Degreaser EM56+ / DISCONTINUE

Cleans and degreases heavy greases, oils, grime, graffiti, dirt, graphite and carbon residue whilst protecting metal surfaces against flash rust. Excellent for tough cleaning jobs, including degreasing chains, bearings, gearwheel and parts washing and machine cleaning. Also very effective on Engines, Conveyors, Slides, Concrete, Hard Stone, Floors, Walls, Construction Equipment and for the removal of Tar, Glue, Silicone, Paint and Graffiti and much more.

Outstanding Properties

  • Very effective cleaner and degreaser
  • Can be used for spraying, brush application and parts washers
  • May be flushed with water
  • Can be left with protective coating against flash rust
  • Suitable for installations with oil separator (ASTM D 140)
  • Not aggressive to man and environment