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Grease runout causes food contamination. Interflon products prevent it.

Bread Oven Bearings

Initial Situation

This client was having a real problem with lubricant soiling their product. The issue was that the bearings in the oven had to be lubricated once per week due to grease runout from high temperatures. It was time-consuming and expensive, and the quality of the product was suffering. This is the kind of issue that over time can actually cause a company to go out of business, because not only will costs eat into your bottom line, but the reputation of your business will suffer.

In addition to high temperatures, the environment here included lots of flour dust and high humidity.

Our Solution

Interflon Grease HTG will prevent most oxidation on chains. The lubricant will not get washed off or run out due to heat. Lubrication intervals are now greatly extended, and the lubricant has the added benefit of being food-safe (NSF H2).


Lubrication intervals were now needed only monthly, instead of weekly, offering great savings on lubricant and maintenance. The lubricant no longer ran out due to the heat and as a result there was no further contamination of the product.